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Future Apps Unveils Redesigned Site, Updates to all Major Apps

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We have redesigned our website with a new sleek modern interface, which better portrays who we are as a company. We hope you enjoy the new look, and all the information about our apps and company we provide. Feel free to leave us comments with our new commenting, Facebook integration, and support services.
We are also pleased to announce the release of iSpeak 3.0. This major update to our translator line provides updated voice engine and voices for the powerful text to speech included with the apps, graphic/UI updates for all devices, full support for iOS 5&6 as well as support for the new 4 inch screen on the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, and much more! The update is available immediately on the App Store, so download it today and see why our iSpeak Translators are still the most popular translating solution on the App Store!
Our Speak it! users will also be excited to hear we are working on the long anticipated Speak it! 3.0 update in the coming year. The update is jam packed with new features, and most of them are features you have been emailing us and waiting for the past year.  We want to thank all our users for being patient with us, you will not be disappointed!
Get ready for a lot more exciting announcements and new products in the next year from Future Apps!

Check out our newly updated iSpeak Translators below



Check out Speak it! Text to Speech below


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