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Unit Conversion for the rest of us!

Introducing iConvert 2.0. The best unit converter just became even better!

We at Future Apps understand what a user on the go needs. You want your mobile applications to give you information quickly, easily, and with as little interaction as possible. We kept that in mind when designing iConvert.

iConvert is the simplest, yet still powerful, unit converter on the App Store. Its ingenious user interface allows you to determine a conversion in a matter of seconds in only three easy steps, and all on just one screen.

There is no need to flip through multiple views just to select your conversion type, or figure out a clunky conversion calculator. Simply enter the number you want to convert, press the conversion type, and then scroll down to the specific conversion. iConvert automatically does the conversion on the fly.

Its that easy!

iConvert currently has over one hundred different conversions




  • Unit conversion types include:
    • Length
    • Weight
    • Volume
    • Temperature
    • Area
    • Currency
    • Force
    • Density
    • Time
    • Pressure
    • Speed
    • Energy
    • Power
    • Torque
    • Fuel
    • Acceleration
  • Almost every conversion from Standard to Metric to SI and more!
  • Simple and easy to use interface

Buy now only $.99!