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Amy A.I.

A chat robot for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

iPhone and iPod Touch users, meet Amy, your very own personal chat robot!

Amy A.I. is the latest in Artificial Intelligence development, and we at Future Apps are proud to bring it to you on the iPhone. The Amy brain is based off the award winning ALICE project, and is sure to entertain you for hours on end.

Amy is the first of its kind on the iPhone and iPod touch platform! Be the first to have this exciting new technology on your device. You will be amazed at how close Amy can achieve a near human conversation. Amy can even remember, and gets better the more you chat with her!



  • Fully functional Artificial Intelligence chat robot
  • Easy to use chat interface
  • Logs your chats so you can review them later, or email them to your friends!
  • Amy speaks multiple languages!
    • FRENCH
    • GERMAN



It took a lot of work and effort to get Amy to work on the iPhone platform, and because of Amy’s massive and complex brain, it can take up to two minutes to load Amy’s brain when the app is started. (While your waiting just remember it took over 15 minutes to load Amy’s brain on the iPhone when development began!)

Buy now only $1.99!